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The WORLD RUGBY HALL OF FAME to be based in RUGBY, the home of Rugby Football . The attraction will open in late 2016 (expected November ).The official date we will add later. Rugby / Football

Success and winning comes from training, training and more training.

Rugby in Warwickshire ,situated in the heart of the United Kingdom.

The population is approx. 100,000.

We have had a large sporting fraternity here for many years.

We have excellent connections to M1 , M6 ,A45  and a main line station to London enabling us to reach most of the Country in reasonable time.

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Rugby is home to the Rugby Lions and is the home of Rugby Football having started at Rugby School.

Great Birmingham Run Sunday 16th October 2016 Forthcoming Events


COMING SOON We are in the process of building the sports website Sport In London  .    #SportInLondon


Party VenueThe Arnold House ,Elsee Road Rugby.CV21 3BA

Also known as The Masonic Hall Rugby.

Wedding celebrations, parties , room hire ,product promotion ,training , Sport presentation evenings.

Dining up to 125 people , buffets up to 240 people.

For further information please contact us. Thankyou.

Telephone Rugby (01788) 542357

email enquiries@thearnoldhouse.info

Website http://www.thearnoldhouse.info/